More and more people are looking for additional sources of income or some kind of “side hustle” to help fund their day to day lives and ultimately their retirement. A solid understanding of personal finance is key to the betterment of you financial situation. Financial independence is a product of not only income, but your ability to spend the money you do have wisely. When life dictates that you need to borrow money; whether it’s a car loan, personal loan, credit cards or a mortgage, it’s critical that you have the knowledge to make informed decisions.

I decided to start writing this personal finance blog to capture all the things I’ve learned about investing and borrowing money. I’m a regular guy who’s studied economics and accounting at university and I currently work in a management position. Good decisions, bad decisions – I’ve done it all. From investing, saving, loans, credit cards, lines of credit, all the way up to the life changing mortgage. I don’t like to enter financial arrangements without knowing what I’m getting into, so I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned through years of research and self-education. Along the way, if I come across other writers with information I find helpful, I’ll include their advice as well.

A word about anonymity. You’ll notice I don’t mention my name or specific contact details. I wrestle with this a bit. On the one hand I want to be transparent, but on the other, I want to feel free to state my opinions and share personal experiences without fear of impacting my job or personal relationships. I might revisit this down the road.

Hopefully some of what I write here is of use to you, and if nothing else, saves you from making bad credit decisions. I know I’ve learned from past mistakes! I welcome any questions or comments you might have, as well as recommendations for future posts.

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